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The first social link plug-in for the CKEditor lets you add social capabilities to Connections blogs, wikis, and more..
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SnappLinks™ for IBM Connections
The rich text editor is part of several IBM products including Connections. The editor provides rich text options and excellent copy/paste fidelity. The editor in Connections can be extended with additional buttons and features. For example, to make your applications more social!

Introducing SnappLinks™ for IBM Connections, the first social link plug-in for the CKEditor embedded in these IBM products. With SnappLinks™, you can use your editor -- in your applications with XPages or with the IBM products -- to create and share the public social experience across intranets, on the web with suppliers, and in teams. SnappLinks™ is integrated directly into the editor and lets you connect to these social, public networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Scribd and Wikipedia. In other words, Get Social Do Business in a way that's natural and easy for your users.

In addition to the helpful social linking features, SnappLinks delivers a rendering engine to IBM Connections to let users view YouTube videos, Google Maps, and Facebook feeds right on the page!

Here's a video describing how SnappLinks works:

• Simple set-up by an administrator (for server use)
• Adds links to the major social networking sites
• Simple e-mail link generator

• For administrators: SnappLinks™ server code requires just one server-wide installation
• For users: SnappLinks™ brings the power of social networking to the applications they use daily

Frequently Asked Questions
What versions of IBM products SnappLinks™ support?
SnappLinks™ has been tested with IBM Connections 4, and 4.5 support is coming soon.

Is there a trial version of SnappLinks™?
SnappLinks™? does not have an evaluation version. However, SNAPPS can give you access to a site with SnappLinks installed.

How is SnappLinks™ delivered?
Delivery is electronic. After your order and payment is received, you will receive a link to download the software and any subsequent updates.

How is SnappLinks™ supported?
Developers support SnappLinks™ electronically for one year after purchase. If deemed necessary, support will escalate to telephone support until the issue is resolved. Maintenance is renewable on an annual or multi-year basis.

How do I purchase SnappLinks™ for IBM Connections?
Contact for purchasing instructions or with any questions about SnappLinks™ . Please include “SnappLinks” in the subject line.

SnappLinks™ for IBM Connections is licensed per user for a few dollars each -- depending on volume.